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    JNLP issue after upgrading from JRE 6 to JRE 7


      I've been running an application against a web server over https.
      I have JRE 6 launching my JNLP file and all works correctly.

      Today i upgraded my JRE to JRE 7.
      Launched my JNLP file and java console shows i am using JRE 7 as expected.

      But, the JNLP launched swing application does not send all requests to the web server.
      There is no obvious info or debug which suggests something is being dropped.

      If i switch back to JRE 6 it works.

      So, has something changed? Is there something i can do to check why JRE 7 doesn't send some requests?

      Thanks for your help,
      Java'ed out!