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    Change data capture from DRM to Target system

      Hi All,

      I have a situation where client wants Hyperion DRM to be single source of truth and pass Hierarchy information from DRM to subscribing target systems. There are 3 target systems and the database is MS SQL server.
      Now in the export profile ,I am using database export where I have mapped the DRM node/properties to target table's columns. For the initial load it is a new record in the database and the data flows as it is a 1:1 mapping, however if few of the property value changes and I wan to update only the corresponding columns what will the architecture for push the change data in to target.

      Can we achieve this without have any staging tables and capture the change data ?
      Do need to use ODI ?
      Does DRM has any work around without putting extra effort hrs by building CDC tables ?

      I will really appreciate your suggestions and comments on this......