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    acfs not mounted after rebooting..


      I have create acfs filesystem . but that filesystem is not mounted after rebooting server? how to enable auto mount?

      OS version : RHEL 5
      Grid Version :

      ASMCMD> volinfo -G ACFS_U06 ORAHOMEVG
      Diskgroup Name: ACFS_U06

      Volume Name: ORAHOMEVG
      Volume Device: /dev/asm/orahomevg-92
      State: ENABLED
      Size (MB): 7168
      Resize Unit (MB): 256
      Redundancy: UNPROT
      Stripe Columns: 4
      Stripe Width (K): 128
      Usage: ACFS
      Mountpath: /u06/app/oracle/product/

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          kuljeet singh -
          Register the mount point with acfsutil utility.
          oracle@rmdydbitdb1 $ acfsutil registry -h
          Usage: acfsutil [-h] registry [-l]                     - Display registry contents
                          -l <mountpoint>          - Display a specific mount point
                          -l <device>              - Display a specific device
                          -m <device>              - Display a specific mount point associated with a device
                          -a [-f] [-o <opts>] [-n <nodes>] <device> <mountpoint> - Add a mount point
                          -d [<mountpoint> | <device>] - Delete a mount point or a device

          Kuljeet Pal Singh
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            Alternatively, create a single file system resource using the 'srvctl add filesystem' command. Doing it this way would allow you to have other resources enact a dependency on the file system, and run off the file system without affecting stack shutdown.