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    DB Upgrade from 10g to 11g

      Hi Guys,

      Current Version:
      Target Version: 11.2.x.x

      I'm planning to upgrade my DB from 10g to 11g.
      Prior to the actual upgrade, I can create a test 11g environment.

      I have read a few articles and understand the following concepts
      1. create a tuning set in current 10g to capture the sql execution plan and performance statistics
      2. export the tuning set from 10g and import to 11g SQL Baseline
      3. export all the data from 10g to 11g
      4. From 11g baseline, review if there's any better execution plan and accept

      For my scenario here, my 11g test environment doesn't have any apps server conneecting to it.
      For my 11g to generate other plans, the sql must be executed at least once in 11g. As there might be a number of SQLs captured in the tuning set, how do i execute it all manually (through sql*plus) as i don't have a application to call it?

      Actually my main objective here is to compare the execution plan between 10g and 11g. Previously from 9i to 10g, i actually generate the sql execution plan from both version manually and compare it manually.