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    owa_util.redirect_url - Behavior/Working when provided a relative url ?

      Hello Experts,

      owa_util.redirect_url can be used to redirect to a page. You can provide it an absolute url as well as a relative url. I want to know how it behaves when provided a relative-url (e.g. /my/relative/url). Does it prefixes the domain/host name port automatically before doing a redirect (301/302) (i.e. the websites hostname as in virtual_host.conf) , or it does not do that at all, and relies on the Apache mod_plsql engine to do that?. Or neither it, or mod_plsql engine plays with that at all, and sends a redirect with the relative-url to the client, and relies on the client/browser to construct the domain/host name port of it for redirection.

      I ask because I have read in various places that using relative urls is not legit, and wondering as to how owa_util.redirect_url behaves in this scenarios, given the mod_plsql and apache coming into play. The usage of UseCanonicalName in apache might or might not be of importance here, which does do that (i.e. pre-fixing the host/domain name)

      In our application we now have a load-balancer/proxy sitting in the front, and need to understand the working of it, so as to proceed with some of the issues we are noticing.