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    Footer Image gets shrunk for RTF output


      We are using Oracle Reports 10g.
      We have some reports where we have Logo and footer images in the reports.

      For reports with output type as pdf both the logo and footer image generate properly in the pdf.
      But if the report output is set to rtf then the logo image comes fine but the footer image gets shrunk in size.

      We can't change the output type of the existing report to pdf(which will resolve this issue).
      Adding a another version of the same report with output type as pdf is also very difficult to manage in the system.

      There is something happening during the rtf conversion or some settings are incorrect which only experts like you can answer. Desparately need a solution to this issue. Would appreciate if anyone could help.

      Since I'm new to Reports please let me know if I've missed putting in information which is needed to answer.

      Thanks in advance.