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    Jumpstart installation from Solaris 10 zone


      I am using a Sol 10 zone as a jumpstart server, and have encountered a problem.

      Due to not being able to use the out-of-the-box nfs server, as it does not run in a local zone on Sol 10, I have looked at using a user-space nfs server, unfsd.

      unfsd runs fine, and can be used by a client to nfs-mount a directory, but when it comes to using the client's flash archive to build the client, I get this error below in my snoop output:

      10:54:46.04754 js-client -> js-server MOUNT3 C Mount /flash_archives/TEST/js-client.flar
      10:54:46.04779 js-server -> js-client MOUNT3 R Mount Not a directory

      Which implies to me that the jumpstart client is trying to nfs-mount a file, and unfsd does nto allow this.

      Any advice/suggestions on how to resolve this would be appreciated.


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