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    CRM Doubts?

    Subramanian Meyyappan
      hi experts,

      I would like to summarize something to ask my doubts:

      we already developed customer relationship management in Oracle forms 10g .

      In Forms 10g CRM(we are doing pre-sales i.e(lead oppurtunity, sales quotation),post sales.... bla bla and some more).
      but we are build that same thing in Oracle jdeveloper 11g version using ADF tech.

      when i go through this section.
      This forum will provide a means to post questions in reference to Oracle CRM On Demand integration features such as Web Services, Integration Events, Custom Web Tabs, Custom Web Applets, Custom Web Links, Import/Export etc.
      Please note that in addition to this forum, there are forums provided covering other areas such as CRM On Demand Administration, Analytics and Reports as well as Contact On Demand.

      so my question how to use this forum effiecient for my need.?

      how can i run my run my product which is developed oracle forms 10g/jdeveloper in web services.

      am not well aware about web services. if i ask anything wrong me kindly mentioned it. and ignore that thing.

      and one more am a newbie in this forum. i had some about in this fourms. guide me in a direction.


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