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    Vipca Fails after installation of 10gR2 on OEL5

      Dear all,

      After the installation of Oracle Clusterware and the upgrade to I'm running Vipca to deploy the remaining services, but at the beginning I get the following error:

      PROC-4: The cluster registry key to be operated on does not exist.

      OCRCHECK runs fine in all nodes:

      Status of Oracle Cluster Registry is as follows :
      Version : 2
      Total space (kbytes) : 1043916
      Used space (kbytes) : 640
      Available space (kbytes) : 1043276
      ID : 1548590498
      Device/File Name : /dev/raw/raw1
      Device/File integrity check succeeded
      Device/File Name : /dev/raw/raw2
      Device/File integrity check succeeded

      Cluster registry integrity check succeeded

      CRS_STAT, returns this error (It's logical because VIPCA didn't run)

      CRS-0202: No resources are registered.

      And CRSCTL CHECK CRS also runs fine:

      CSS appears healthy
      CRS appears healthy
      EVM appears healthy

      Do you have any Idea of why it can be happening?

      Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions.