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    VBScripts in FDQM Reports


      Was wondering if we can use VBScripts in FDQM reprt with some cusstomization?

      Basically,we want to print the information about dimensions and members after the kickouts are happened.


      Dimension Member Kickout
      Entity ABC
      Entity PQR
      Custom1 XYZ

      We did not find the errors field in the standard FDM database table.

      Any response would be much appreciated.

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          Stuart Game

          I may be wrong on this and sure someone will correct me if I am....

          I don't think that you can run a VBScript from within an FDM report, reports as I understand them are relational queries into the underlying FDM tables.

          However, what you can do is create a VBScript that executes a report so look at whether you can add an event / custom script that executes the report you are looking for. It is also possible to set up email capability so you may be able to generate and send the report as part of a single script.

          Hope this helps