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    Contextual event closes the af:popup from which it is generated ?!?

      Hi all
      I have task flow (isloated mode) embedded as region in af:popup.
      One from my popup's button action generates contextual event.
      But that event unexpectedly closes my popup.

      Any idea why ?

      Here is relevant pageDef settings.
      From page fragment where is event generated :
          <action id="Commit" InstanceName="EmpAppModuleDataControl"
                  DataControl="EmpAppModuleDataControl" RequiresUpdateModel="true"
            <events xmlns="http://xmlns.oracle.com/adfm/contextualEvent">
              <event name="empCommit"
      From page fragment pageDef's where is consumer registered :
        <eventMap xmlns="http://xmlns.oracle.com/adfm/contextualEvent">
          <event name="empCommit">
            <producer region="createeditemptf1.create_edit_emp_dataPageDef.Commit">
              <consumer handler="receiveEmpCommit">
                  <parameter value="${payLoad}" name="incPayLoad"/>
      Notice "receiveEmpCommit consumer.
      This is a parent task flow backing bean method, registered as method action in the same pageDef, according to the Steve Muench example
      ".Method Action Invoking Managed Bean Method Without Making Bean a DataControl"


      And here is:

           <methodAction DataControl="EmpAppModuleDataControl"
            <NamedData NDName="incPayLoad" NDType="oracle.jbo.Key"/>
      So, what is wrong with this settings, any idea ?!?

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