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    JRockit R28 + Java5?

    John Gregg

      The documentation for JRockit R28 says there is a Java5 version available but I can't find a separate download for it, nor can I find any way to tell the Java6 version to masquerade as Java5. Can someone explain this to me?

      I'm really looking for a 64-bit version of JRockit for Java5. I'm currently using a 32-bit version of JRockit R27 and would like to stick with R27 but move to 64-bit, but I can only find the Java6 R28 downloads.

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          John Gregg
          I opened an SR and got this clarified. There are separate downloads for the Java5 and Java6 versions of R27 and R28. If you have a support contract, log in, select "Patches & Updates" at the top of the screen, then select the "Product or Family (Advanced)" link. Product is "Oracle JRockit." Then select your desired release and platform.