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    ActionLink / layout displayed

      Hello all,

      we use an embedded report (activity) on the homepage with an action link.

      we also have a dynamic layout on activities.

      By using the action link, the activity is displayed BUT not with the right layout.
      (in edit mode, the right layout is then displayed)

      Does someone know how to set up my report in order to have the layout which correspond with the type value?

      Thank you very much,
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          royston goveia
          Get the URL for the below 2 cases:

          1 - Create a Activity with a Type="ABC" (Controls the Dynamic Layout), save that record and go to the detail page. get the URL
          2 - From The report, look at this same Activity and get the URL

          Compare both these, they should match for you to see the correct layouts, if not check your Layout Configuration Again.

          Also, if your problem is the Layout does not display web-links that are visible on the Edit Layout, you might want to check the Web Link properties and make it available on both Detail and Edit Page , i.e Both

          Hope this helps!