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    FTP Remote Archive Filename

    Jamie Adams

      I have built an SOA composite application to FTP files from destination A to B.

      I now need to archive the files in an 'Archive' directory on the remote server I am retrieving the files from (destination A).

      I have got this to workin using the JCA property:

      <property name="UseRemoteArchive" value="true"/>

      The only problem is that the filename does not stay as it was, and the file that ends up in the 'Archive' directory, and is now proceeded by a long string and date.

      i.e the original file looks like: File_test.zip

      File in Archive: File_test.zip_MjtpGjgGRkfe5j6NVBQgORwsHRa628nysAIMbTeIYqo=_20120423_163128_0485

      Is there anyway to control the name of the file being archived?

      Any input appreciated.