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    Invoking business rules 11g from Java application

      We have SOASuite 11g running on weblogic and have read through documentation/played with Oracle business rules

      We want to utilize business rules engine within our Java web applications deployed to glassfish server (Non SOA application). Is this even possible and does anyone use it in this way? Any pointer is much appreciated.

      What are the libraries like Oracle rules SDK that I need to include in the classpath of Java web app?

      This link assumes that web app is co-located in the same weblogic instance running SOASuite and doesn't help my case.

      By using it within Java application, we want to able to make local calls as opposed to calling a decision function as web service. Volume of actual rules and their usage is so high within our Java app. Also we want to take advantage of java beans defined in our business layer by using Java facts and without having to define XSD for XML facts.