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    Help in setting up multiple VM's on the same box


      I have a desktop with 2TB harddisk and 16 GB RAM. I installed Oracle VM Box 4.1.12 and then created 2 VM with Oracle Linux 5.8 installed ineach VM. When I start both the VM's it shows me the same IP Address for both even though I gave different hostnames. How can I have both the VM's have different IP Addresses and can ping each other need to do a cluster setup but am not able to resolve the IP. I can't even get to the VM's through putty or winscp. I tried changing the Network settings both as NAT and Bridged Adapter without any luck. Any help is appreciated in what settings do I need to configure 2 VM's with different IPs etc.

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          If you want the two VMs to communicate with each other, the easiest thing to do is configure them with network interfaces set to 'host only adapter' and then configure them to use DHCP. VirtualBox will give each guest its own IP address and they should be able to communicate with each other. Or, you can use static IP on the same subnet You can use bridged networking too if you want other hosts to access them.