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    Question related to SCAN Listener

      Hi All,

      Just need a clarification, Say for example we have 3 node RAC (3 SCAN IP's and 3 SCAN Listeners) each node contains one SCAN Listener. If any one the node is down automatically the SCAN IP and its Listener moved to the surviving nodes. My questions is which process is doing this work ? can you pls elobrate. Thanks !

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          Dear Kamal

          To detect a node failure, the Cluster Manager uses a background process—Global Enqueue Service Monitor (LMON)—to monitor the health of the cluster.

          When a node fails, the Cluster Manager reports the change in the cluster's membership to Global Cache Services (GCS) and Global Enqueue Service (GES).

          These services are then re-mastered based on the current membership of the cluster.

          CRSd - Cluster Ready Services     resource monitoring, failover and node recovery

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            Thanks a lot Hitgon : )