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    Can't get java runtime, and applets, running inside Firefox 11.

      I have gone to my Windows 7 control panel and enabled java for the mozilla family,
      which implies the web browser I use, Firefox 11 at the moment.

      I have gone to Firefox/Tools/Add-Ons/Plugins and have enabled the
      Java Deployment Kit

      However, when I go to the Oracle Java test page
      It can't detect java working in my web browser.
      The install missing plugins button appears in the top right,
      and while it downloads java, it consistently fails here stating
      that I have the option to install manualy (which I have successfully done already).

      I have the java 6 download manager working, however I can't run applets embedded in the web browser.

      Please, how do I get my java working in firefox for my applets?