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    Oracle RAC to RAC one node with patch-9004119

      I'm in bit of a trouble. I have Oracle RAC database running on a two node cluster. I need to convert RAC t o RAC One node. As recommended, i downloaded and installed patch-9004119 to obtain racone scripts and Omotion.

      1. Node1- blr-srm-r11l; Node2 - blr-srm-r11t'
      2. Install Oracle GRID infrastructure on both nodes
      3. Install Oracle RAC software only on both nodes
      4. Install Patch-9004119 on both nodes
      5. create database on node1 only
      6. Initialize RAC One

      When I Initialize RAC one -./raconeinit on node1, it throws "server entry not valid" error

      +[oracle@blr-srm-r11l ] ./raconeinit+
      Candidate Databases on this cluster:

      +# Database RAC One Node Fix Required+
      +=== ======== ============ ============+
      +[1] orcl NO N/A+

      Enter the database to initialize [1]: 1

      Database orcl is now running on server blr-srm-r11l

      Candidate servers that may be used for this DB:

      Enter the names of additional candidate servers where this DB may run (space delimited): blr-srm-r11t
      ERROR: blr-srm-r11t Server is not valid entry.


      I tried searching for this error, but no clue. Please note that my requirement is to test RAC as well as RAC one DB. RAC works wonderful for me whereas RAC one is erroring out.
      Please help!

      Thanks in advance!
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          In continuation with my above query, i did some search and looked at 'raconeinit' script. It's basically trying to run certain commands to see the current server, free server, current running DB , stores the value in a variable and validates against the input I provide, which is not happening.

          When i manually try to run the commands mentioned in script, it gives me invalid -i and -f options errors.

          to see DB up:
          +./crsctl status resource ora.$LOWER_DB_NAME.db | $GREP -i "^STATE" | $GREP -i "ONLINE" | $WC -l+

          to see current server
          +./crsctl status resource ora.$LOWER_DB_NAME.db | $GREP -i "STATE" | $AWK -F'ONLINE on ' '{print $2}'+

          to see free servers
          +./crsctl stat serverpool Free -v|$GREP -i active_servers|$AWK -F'=' '{print $2}'+

          It is not accepting my input (free server) and hence exiting. :(

          Need help badly