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    Do I need to register Solaris 11?

      Hello Fellows,

      This is the first time I am trying Solaris(11). It is installed using VirtualBox in Windows 7.
      I am having some hard times connecting it to the internet. I would like to know if I need to register it first.
      Can anyone give me some tips how to troubleshoot he connection issue?

      I am also looking for documentations on Solaris, but I have not found some cool ones.

      Thank you,
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          No, there's no need to register to try Solaris 11.
          You need to register (and pay) to get support and updates.

          I do not know why the network is not detected in VirtualBox.
          The following site has instructions on how to get Solaris 11 running in VirtualBox

          All Solaris 11 docs are available through oracle.com, such as
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            Thank you so very much for the information

            God Bless!