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        OK so each row that is produced in the table contains af:commandLink that then is bound to my backing bean that will fire off the actual event. I did make sure that the "PartialSubmit" attribute is set to false, so a full page submit is apparently happening anyway.

        Now the question is how do I go about making sure the parameter is passed to the portlet. I am trying to use contextual events right now based on a bunch of examples related to task flows, portlets, and page definitions, but it is not easy and some of the pieces do not make a lot of sense. I have been working on this for more than a week and really need to get this working.
        • 16. Re: IPC Between Two ADF Portlets on Same Page using Events Failure

          I have decided to go back based on our conversation and try to get your passing of parameters blog post to work considering that I will just have to live with the full page submit. I did try this originally, but the receiving function never got called.

          Portlet A

          Contains a Table of data, just like in your weather portlet. The table is fed from a ESB Data Control, but I added one column to every row which contains a af:commandLink just like in your portlet, so that I can process the selecting of a row. I have a backing bean that is tied to the actionListener of the af:commandLink and this does successfully get called and I am able to retrieve the data necessary and set the parameter according to your code.

          Portlet B

          This one will eventually take the parameter and plug it in as a binding parameter of a table that will be refreshed based on the value of the parameter, but for right now, I am just trying to spit out the value in an af:outputText tag. Unfortunately, the receiving function with the backing bean for this portlet never gets fired off.

          In looking back at your code versus mine, the only difference that I see is that you registered the backing bean of your location portlet as a request bean rather than a session bean. Could this be why and if so why?
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