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    Disable Java updates

      Why is there not an easy way to disable Java updates either while installing or afterwards?
      The only way I have found is to delete the executable files. In older versions this was an invaluable installation option, is there some reason this is so difficult?
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          Unfortunately your question contains the assumption that there is no easy way to disable checking for Java updates.

          This may be the case in your computer. In mine, I open the Java Control Panel (which I can get to from the Windows Control Panel), select the Update panel, and uncheck the "Check for Updates Automatically" checkbox. But perhaps you're using another operating system? Sorry, I don't know how to open the Java Control Panel from any other O/S. Although you used to be able to open it directly from a browser; right now I don't see how to do that either.
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            I guess I didn't clarify my question. I work in IT and have to update Java on ~400 computers and I am having problems disabling the Java update either during the installation or afterwards. I have tried the registry change which doesn't seem to work all the time and I would rather avoid deleting the update executable files.
            There is no way I am gong to manually change the update setting in the control panel for every computer.
            Thanks for trying to help.
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              I have tried, daily, the uncheck updates box. it will be fine the rest of the day. Next time I turn my computer off and on it is back. Due to software limitations we are not able to have anything higher than v6 u19. Not everyone I work with will say no to the update install resulting in helpdesk tickets having to go in uninstall v7 and reinstall v6u19. Talk about a pain.
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                Weird, on my update 33 installation (WindowsXP) the checkbox stays off after rebooting (just tried it, its friday and I don't want to do real work anymore). Did you remember to click apply after you click 'update never' in the nag dialog?

                If so: perhaps it works because I'm a local admin user.