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    PS5 blogs and wiki

      In webcenter ps5 after installation I do not see the traditional WC_Services server ? where it is.

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          PS3 onwards, wikis and blogs comes under WC_Collaboration server with UCM_server1 for content repository of wiki's and blogs.

          Hopes it clearifies your doubt.

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            Yannick Ongena
            Hogue, your answer is a little confusion I guess :)

            WC_Collaboration has the Jive software on it for the discussion services
            UCM_server1 has the content repository on it (WebCenter Content) that will store documents + wiki's + blogs.
            WC_Utilities has the analytics and personalization engine on it.
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              Yannick, so if i install webcenter ps5, i don't require another UCM_Server1 like in PS4?
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                Therefore,you want to use PS5 webcenter framework and PS4 UCM.
                you can point PS4's UCM_server1 in PS5 webcenter framework.

                But it is suggested that you use same version for both the cases.

                If you have any blogs+ wikis stored in ps4 UCM_server1 then migrate it in PS5's UCM_server1.

                Even if ,you don't migrate then also you can continue with your previous version of ucm.