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    Unable to simultaneously run P6 EPPM and CM

      CM14 and P6v8.1 or 8.2, have both, same problem in both.

      I am logged into P6 (Web). I open another tab in the browser (or another window) and login to Contract Management.

      Now if I click back on the P6 tab, I find that I am kicked out, saying I have been timed out and being asked to login again.

      So, I login back into P6. Now when I click on the CM tab, I am kicked out of CM with the same timed-out message.

      I know it's possible to be logged into these two at the same time, I know it's even possible to have CM dashboards running live inside P6 (which is what I am ultimately trying to do), so I am quite perplexed as to why this keeps happening.

      I thought it might be a compatibility issue with two different Java versions, so I updated my local laptop to Java Update 31 (not the servers, just my laptop), and the problem persists.

      I am sure this is a server-side issue since every one of my users has this same issue.

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          does the same problem happen in other browsers, such as FireFox?

          if you open another IE Window (not multiple tabs) does the same problem haapen?

          if you downgrade to Java Runtime Environment version 1.6.0_24 does that resolve?
          Though I think downgrading is not the best option, but it's worth ruling out if the issue is server side, browser eelated or Java related.

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            Thanks for responding, Snowey.

            Yes, the same thing happens with other browsers too; and even on a completely different machine (a Mac). And yes, it also happens when i open separate windows imnstead of tabs.

            And yes, Java had been downgraded, the problem persisted, so now I upgraded Java to update 31.