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    OLT Graphs in version 9.31

    Neil S
      Hello There,

      Looked in the OLT User Guide, but didn't find anything. Maybe someone here knows?

      The graphs now seem quite different, I can't find 2 useful options that are available in v9.1:
      1. Secondary Y-axis. How do I make a data series use the secondary y-axis?
      2. Set the range of both the y-axes. How do I set maximum & minimum value for the primary & secondary y-axes? [I see you can set a range for the x-axis].

      I use both these features constantly for almost every graph in reports:
      1. Show correlation between 2 or more series (eg Num vUsers & response times)
      2. Ignore out-lying data values or spikes to show data series profile(s).

      The correlation of 2 data sets is particularly useful if you/I do a slow ramp-up of the load (say vUsers against transactions per second or response Time). You can tell at what point the load starts having an (greater) impact.

      Thanks for any Help.

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          I asked similar questions a while back.

          Altering Graph Scales in v9.20

          In particular I'd rather see an option to fix the Y scale re-introduced (helps ignore outliers).
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            Neil S
            Hi Ian,

            I saw your post - related to v9.2 - an I didn't upgrade to that version on that information.

            But now I'm stuck with 9.3, because of new 64-bit infrastructure.
            v9.1 say it's only 32-bit.

            For 9.3 I logged a support request about this.
            In particular I hope 'they' (Oracle) get the message that there is demand for this feature & re-instate it.

            For the secondary y-axis I found a workaround: so long as you want vUsers on the right axis (and usually I do), adding one of the default graphs (Trans/sec,Users vs. Time) gives a secondary axis. Then you can add whatever else you want on the left-axis & delete the default graphs data.