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    read only form

      hi everybody,

      i have a problerme wich realy make me crazy, i have a search form wich diplay data in a table and by clicking on the table ,the data display in a form in wich we can modify it (all this component are drag and drop from the same datacontrol).

      but the probleme is that the form is read only , i checked all proprieties and chose simple form but unfortunnely it doesnt work ,i dont understand why ?????

      any help please
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          Timo Hahn
          it's best practice to mention the jdev version you are working with!

          Have you checked if hte VO you are building the form on is writable (has an EO)?
          A af:form shows inputText elements only for those attributes which have getter and setter methods!

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            my version of jdev is
            i dont right any .java all i've done is drug and drop from datacontrol so i dont have getter and setter.
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              Timo Hahn
              Getters and setters are internally generated fro the attribute. Setters only for attributes which are editable. You don't have to see java for this.
              Open the ViewObject, select the 'Entity Objects' node, check if you see an entity object and if yes, select it and check if the updatable checkbox is marked.
              If you don't see an entity object your view Object is read only. And as said before, if you drop read only onto a page as form you don't get input fields.

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                Sudipto Desmukh
                In addition to what Timo mentioned also ensure that Updateable property is marked as Always for the attributes which are a part of the form.
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                  check if you have all the attributes as updateable in the View.. make it set 'Always' also make sure if ur EO is updateable.
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                    Santosh M E

                    if u want editable table in the page, then drag and drop respective datacotrol as a 'ADF Table' to the page.

                    Santosh M E