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    Web Conferencing Console

      O.k. I can't believe this isn't on forum or in Metalink.

      Just got Web Conferencing up and so far have had 2 users unable to install the client console piece. I've gone through security settings and all that. They can install on their systems, so that shouldn't be a problem. Basically, everything the "New User" test recommends for that failing seems o.k. One is XP and the other W2k, buy my laptop is XP and it works.

      Any ideas?
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          Make sure they have local admin rights (although it sounds like they do). You can also try downloading the client and saving it to their workstations, then double click on it to install the client manually to their workstation.
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            I followed another note and tested the new user test on conference.oracle.com. it worked successfully there, but fails on the new install.

            i have yet to see a patch for web conferencing that applies to the console client.
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              Any more info on manually downloading? I see Oracle even has a manual option on conference.oracle.com.
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                If the other pcs that cannot donload the client are on the same network then your can ignore the informaiton below.

                The problem that you are experiencing sounds to be a firewall issue on the remote site. This is common and is worked around by enabling https tunnelling on your web conferencing server. You will probably notice that the customers that are connecting successfully, to your web conferencing server may not be behind a firewall that only has ports 80 and 443 open.

                Port 80 is the default http port and every company has this port open if they are on the internet. Port 443 is the default port for any https (SSL) communication and this also should be open on every companies firewall or they would not be able to view secured sites.

                So how do you enable https tunnelling on your web conferencing server?
                You will need to review the online documentation.
                Oracle® Web Conferencing Administrator's Guide
                Release 2 (2.0.4)
                Part Number B10877-01

                5.6 Configuring Ports and Network Connectivity

                This chapter will describe how to enable mod_imeeting. This is the module that will allow users to connect to your web conferencing server even if they are behind a secure remote firewall.

                If you have any problems configuring https tunnelling you should open a TAR and have Oracle Support Services assist you in making https tunnelling work for you .

                Andrew Soutar
                Oracle Collaboration Suite
                Technical engineer.