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    O-R XMLtype versus relational table storage with XMLType

      I am working on a application which centers around ingesting/storing, editing and publishing a huge XML file (spanning several days of a calendar).
      I am confused as to whether I should choose to store the XML as O-R XMLType (by registering the schema etc.) or just as an XMLType in a table.
      The requirements are:
      1. Farly frequent edits both and leaf and on branches.
      2. Merging of XML when a new one comes in.
      3. XML itself is of the order of 10s of Gigs.
      4. Publishing as XML.
      5. Middle-tier in JBOSS.
      6. Validation before ingesting (could be dont in the middle tier).
      7. Applying edits to the XML after it is stored and just before it is published.
      8. XSLT Tranformations to an incoming XML to convert it to my format to be stored. (could be done in the middle tier)

      This on Oracle 11g.
      Thanks in advance.