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    PO Distributions Form not saving new DFF Values for Inventory Type

      I need to customize the PO Distributions form POXPOEPO. On the distributions form When the Type is 'Expense' the form automatically enables PO Charge Account and allows to modify and save it normally.

      When the type is Inventory the Charge Account is disabled. I used forms personalization to enable update and insert the value in Charge account for Inventory type. I am successful in enabling the charge account but when i update the account with new value then it is not saving the new values for that PO Distribution line.
      I read many forums and also followed the metalink note but no use--> Unable To Change Charge Account Field On PO Form after upgrade [ID 281647.1]

      we are on R 12.1.3

      There are no other personalization's that are validating this particular field but still the form doesn’t allow to save the new charge account for Inventory Type. Even though we use inventory master setup for account setup there are situations where we need to edit charge account on Po Distribution line for Inventory type.

      Are there any cross validation rules that will override the changes or some other flex fields that over take? Any pointers to this issue is a great help. I have spent many hours troubleshooting this issue. Plz help...