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    Adding parameters to request

      Hi all,

      I have a JSP Reports.jsp. Users may call this JSP with one or more parameters so the request object in this JSP may contain one or more parameters.
      Now inside this JSP I need to add 2 more parameters to that request object before forward/redirect to antoher JSP ReportsView.jsp. How can I do that?

      For example suppose Reports.jsp receive 3 parameters: employeeId, status, payRate

      Inside the Reports.jsp I need to add 2 parameters: reportPath, reportPrivilege to the request object before forward/redirect to ReportsView.jsp.

      So inside the ReportsView.jsp all 5 parameters are available correctly:

      String employeeId = request.getParameter("employeeId");
      String status = request.getParameter("status");
      String payRate = request.getParameter("payRate");
      String reportPath = request.getParameter("reportPath");
      String reportPrivilege = request.getParameter("reportPrivilege");