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    Problem with SDO_GEOR.generateStatistics() on GeoRaster

      Hi forum, I've been using GeoRaster for a while and I'm stuck trying to obtain statistics from my rasters. Here is what I have right now:
        gr SDO_GEORASTER;
        ret VARCHAR2(256);
        window MDSYS.SDO_NUMBER_ARRAY;
        SELECT CAST(SDO_GEOR.generateSpatialExtent(rast,null).sdo_ordinates as MDSYS.SDO_NUMBER_ARRAY) as window
          INTO window 
          FROM winds
         WHERE georid=3;
        SELECT rast 
          INTO gr 
          FROM winds
         WHERE georid=3 FOR UPDATE;
        ret := SDO_GEOR.generateStatistics(gr, 'samplingFactor=1', window, 'TRUE', '0-1', 'FALSE',null,'true');
        UPDATE winds
           SET rast=gr 
        WHERE georid=3;
      The function finishes without any errors, but when I try to access the statistics like this:
      SELECT sdo_geor.getStatistics(rast, 0) FROM winds;
      I just got a "null" result.

      Some info about my raster:
      -It has 1 band.
      -SRID = 23030
      -NODATA value = -99999

      Any help would be very welcome. Thanks!