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    Deploying Back Office to Managed Server.

      Hello All,

      After a BO installation is complete on a weblogic server, we receive the BO URL, which is typically as:

      "https://<Hostname of the Server hosting Weblogic server>:<Port No>/backoffice"

      I have a requirement to install 8 BO, deployed to 8 different managed servers. Each BO will have a virtual hostname say VHBO_store1. I want to have this virtual hostname to be present in my BO URL, like, "https://VHBO_store1:<Port No>/backoffice".

      Is there any way I can do this while installtion of BO or after installation of BO.


      Weblogic Version: 10.3.5.
      Back Office Version: 13.4
      OS: MS windows server 2008 R2(64 Bit).
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          You have to setup your machines and set each machine name to each managed server.
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            OPTION 1:
            You can definitely achieve this through multiple ways. The best and recommended way is if you have a WebServer (OHS/Apache) in front of WebLogic Server, then you can configure the virtual host at the OHS/Apache level.
            Check the below configuration documentation accordingly.
            If Apache is used as WebServer (Please focus on "Placing WebLogic Properties Inside Location or VirtualHost Blocks"):
            If OHS is used as WebServer:

            OPTION 2 (May be this is what you are exactly trying to achieve):
            You can directly create virtual hosts in WebLogic Server.
            Please check the below documentation, you should focus on (Configuring a Host-based Virtual Host AND Targeting Web Applications to Virtual Hosts)
            So, in short,
            1. You should first create a virtual host based on server, that is create a virtual host that you will assign to a managed server. For detailed steps to implement it through console, follow the below documentation:
            2. Then you will have to change the target of your application, BackOffice to the Virtual Host you created for that managed server. Detailed steps to change the targets: