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    Datguard RAC service pullup on role change

      Hello All,

      I've gone through a couple documents and tutorials and am a little confused and cannot get my database service to startup(dependency pullup) when the database role changes from physical standby to primary.

      My setup is based on the document 1129143.1

      Here is my configuration
      Primary: 3 nodes RAC 11GR2 - name HCCPRDRM
      Standby: 3 nodes RAC 11GR2 - name HCCPRDRT
      Config: Dataguard + Dataguard Broker
      Protection: MaxAvailability
      Service HCCPRD

      When HCCPRD was primary
       srvctl modify database –d hccprdrm –r primary –s open
      srvctl add service -d hccprdrm -s hccprd -r "hccprdrm1,hccprdrm2,hccprdrm3" -l primary -e select -m basic -j SHORT 
      When HCCSTBY was physical standby
      srvctl modify database -d hccprdrt -r physical_standby -s mount
      srvctl add service -d hccprdrt -s hccprd -r "hccprdrt1,hccprdrt2,hccprdrt3" -l physical_standby -e select -m basic -j SHORT
      I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, of if I've got my dependencies all mixed up in my head.

      But from my understanding when I would do a switchover to standby site, the service HCCPRD should be started, and the same service should be stopped on primary side.

      And the same would be true if I do another switchover, new primary to old_primary(current standby).

      Thanks in advance for any assistance and clues.

      Jan S.