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    Cold copy database on ASM. Please advise

      Configuration is:
      HP Itanium

      I have a 4TB database. Application needs to test three scenarios.
      Every test should use the same sets of data. So I have been asked to copy the 4TB database to a different diskgroup on the same ASM instance.
      Startup the database using the just copied datafiles/controlfiles/redologs.
      Then application would run some tests.
      Then I should remove the database copy and repeat the steps for creating a new copy from the original 4TB database.

      I need to find an efficient way for copying the 4TB database to the new diskgroup on the same ASM.

      I cannot use the flashback database option.
      The 4TB database can be shut down during the copy.
      Storage is fast

      My idea is to copy datafiles/controlfiles/redolog using the asmcmd cp command and then renaming datafiles/redologs.

      I am not sure if running the copy in parallel is better then copying datafiles one by one.
      I could also use the rman backup as copy but I suppose the the result would not be different in term of time taken.

      Any suggestion ?

      Thanks, massi