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    /tmp filling up

      testing OPS Center 12c, installed with all required file system space.

      Only have 1 machine being monitored currently, but having an issue with /tmp filling up with .zipx files.

      I've increased it from 1.5G to 2 and now to 4GB in size .... and that's not enough.

      My "Initial EC Library" is in /var, which has 135GB free at the moment.

      It seems that /tmp is being used as a staging area for patch downloads .... maybe?

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          did you run OCdoctor before installing ops center?

          It will give you a recommendation that if you're using the embedded DB, swap should be 32gb
          without the embedded DB, swap should be 6gb.

          I think tmp is being used as tmp, and /var/tmp is the actual staging area