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    extjs installation

      Dear friends

      I followed the instruction given by oracle document to install apex 4.1 in oracle 11g

      i used the command
      @apexins sysaux sysaux temp /i/ to install apex. Now

      i want to install extjs in apex 4.1
      i read the document it is written to extract the extjs folder to /i/ directory.

      But i am confused where to find /i/ directory. i cant find any where inside my computer.

      So can any one tell me how to find the exact location of /i/ directory.

      please tell me step by step.

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          Which Oracle RDBMS? XE?
          Which webserver are you using? EPG/ApexListener/OHS?

          The /i/ is in the webserver.

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            i used oracle 11g release 1 enterprise edition

            can you please tell me how to know which web server EPG/ApexListener/OHS
            I configured the apex listener the one provided by the software.

            and please tell me the exact path of /i/
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              a) What is your Apex URL? Paste starting from "http" to the /apex/ at the end
              If it has /pls/ in it it means you are on OHS. If no /pls/ then it could be EPG or ApexListener.
              b) Did you deploy a .war file during installation on Tomcat/Glassfish/etc then you are using ApexListener.
              c) When you installed apex you must have copied the images from the distribution to the webserver. How did you do that? The target images folder is your /i/

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                Ok thank you for your information

                after installation of apex i deployed a war file from apex listener folder

                like c:/apexlistener>java -jar apex.war

                Then it asked me to copy and paste the image location .so i copied the image location that present in apex folder
                that's it

                and during apex installation i gave the command as

                sql>@apexins sysaux sysaux temp /i/

                Now please tell me the location of /i/

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                  So, you are using the Standalone listener.

                  You can use the -Dapex.images option to specify the location of the /i/ folder when you start the listener. See http://download.oracle.com/otn/java/appexpress/1.1/docs/AELIG/E21058_01.pdf?AuthParam=1335511857_7d29a62f879dafd8db03bc31c33c270f Page 14.

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                    Thanks for your help

                    but i cant access this url

                    It shows me unauthorised request.

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                      Not sure why you cannot access the link, its to Apex Documentation.
                      Its the Application Express Listener Installation and Developer Guide that I am referring to.

                      The place where you got the java -jar command from.