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    JHS App Generator messages

    Stephen J.
      When I run the generator there is a lot of output in the JDev Messages window. Blocks of text starting with something like:
      <!-- DEBUG:BEGIN:TABLE_COLUMN : default/item/table/tableColumn.vm, nesting level: 8 -->

      followed by the actual generated ADF text. Is there a way I can turn these off? (I don't have any of the debug options turned on in the JHS preferences).

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          Steven Davelaar-Oracle
          Hmm, cannot reproduce this. Can you try with latest jheadstart 11.1.1 4 release?

          Steven Davelaar
          JHeadstart team.
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            Stephen J.
            Yes, also occurs in JHS (same version of JDev, different install).

            I have a lot of custom templates, could something in one of those be setting it off?
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              Stephen J.
              I created a small test project in and didn't get anything in the messages window. When I added a custom template I still didn't get anything. So it doesn't look like it's custom templates in general, but could it be something in a particular custom template?

              One issue I have is that the amount of stuff being written to the message window is bigger than the buffer, and it scrolls by to fast for me to see what the first line is, so I'm not sure exactly where in my generation process the messages are starting.
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                Steven Davelaar-Oracle
                Hmm strange, you can increase the size of the buffer console window using the properties option on the pull down when you click the upper left icon.

                Steven Davelaar,
                JHeadstart Team.
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                  I can confirm that this is happening in our application too.
                  This is not new. It used to happen in older releases too.
                  I didn't understand how to increase the buffer size. Where is the upper left icon?
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                    Stephen J.
                    had to go to Tools->Preferences->Environment->Log to change the buffer.

                    Here is the error text:

                    May 1, 2012 12:03:17 PM oracle.bali.xml.dom.buffer.WellFormednessChecker
                    WARNING: Out of bounds error location detected: Offset (426537) exceeds end of the line. line=9208 column=47 error=Fatal Error: Line 9,209, Column 48: <Line 9209, Column 48>: XML-20121: (Fatal Error) End tag does not match start tag 'af:panelTabbed'. LineMap.count=9591 bufferSize=452148; buffer:

                    It then spits out the text for the jsff file it is generating. It gives the same error for several pages. The odd thing is, if I look at the jsff text in the message log there is no close tag for the panelTabbed, but if I open the finalized file that is being generated there is an end tag, and the xml is formatted differently. Is this error being generated at some intermediary step?

                    Here's the block where the panelTabbed region starts (from the message log output, i've changed a few names and removed some whitespace):

                    <!-- DEBUG:BEGIN:STACKED_REGION_CONTAINER : default/pageComponent/stackedRegionContainer.vm, nesting level: 6 -->
                    <af:panelTabbed position="above" childCreation="lazy" dimensionsFrom="auto" inlineStyle=" "
                    id="MyTabRegionsTabs" >
                    <af:showDetailItem stretchChildren="first" textAndAccessKey="Notes" rendered="#{true and jhsUserRoles['MyRole']}" disabled="#{!(true and jhsUserRoles['MyRole'])}" id="MyTabRegionsMyNotesTab">
                    <af:panelGroupLayout id="pgl11" layout="scroll">
                    <!-- DEBUG:BEGIN:GROUP_REGION : default/pageComponent/groupRegion.vm, nesting level: 7 -->

                    additional note: this seems to be limited to groups where I have the Regions set to a tabbed layout style, and I have all of my detail groups displayed in group regions, if that helps. (I think I might be able to turn that off and get rid of the group regions)

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                      Stephen J.
                      I take back that additional note. I removed the regions from the first group that was throwing the error, but I'm still getting the error. Could this be some sort of buffer/size issue with the page that is being generated?
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                        Steven Davelaar-Oracle
                        I don't know, I really need a testcase before we can fix it. I have never seen this behavior.

                        Steven Davelaar,
                        JHeadstart team.
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                          Stephen J.
                          i'll see if i can replicate it against the HR schema, which means i need to install the HR schema, fortunately it's not urgent, as everything still generates and runs fine, just a nuisance.