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    Format of Date Values in a Condition...Please Help!


      I just downloaded Oracle 11g XE and built an Oracle 11g XE database and is using the Application Express included to build simple reports. I used the Query Builder inside APEX and entered a condition on a Date column as BETWEEN '01-SEP-2011' AND '01-SEP-2012' and it gave me the error of the wrong data value, something like DATE expected. The actual values of that column are such as, 01-DEC-02, and there are no issues with the data column.

      This method has been working with the Query Builder in Oracle 10g. The generated SQL in this APEX is the same as the generated SQL in the query builder of 10g.

      I also tried different things, such as using 11 instead of 2011, removing the single quotes, etc. None has worked.

      Can someone tell me what is the correct way to key in a condition when the user wants to specify a date range?