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    null display values in a readonly panelFormLayout

      Hi All,

      Jdev 11.1.2, standard fusion app using ADF BC.

      I have a lot of readonly panelforms throughout my code, and a lot of the non-mandatory attributes are set to null. This leaves a heap of empty space throughout my UI design.

      For eg-: I have one section containing 6 attributes, and all are null. So that section contains 6 labels & no values. It looks ugly, and could potentially be confusing to my users.

      What I would like to do, is display a simple "--" or "None" for all the null attributes. I was hoping there would be some VO/EO control hints to do this, but I could not find any (except when the attributes have a LOV).

      Is there any easy way to do this? (other than having a whole heap of conditional outputText's throughout my code to check for null attributes?)