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    Directory structure and files in Oracle Application server 10g and 11g

      Hi all,
      I am doing a lab migration from 10g to 11g based on the use of JAXB. There were some directory structures used in 10g to store the JAXB jar files and some other custom jar files. I want to know the equivalent folder structures in SOA 11g server. The 10g server directories are mentioned below:-


      2. server.xml located at <OracleAS_Home>\j2ee\home\config in 10g. Where can I find the equivalent file to "server.xml" in 11g server?

      3. <OracleAS_Home>\bpel\system\classes\com\oracle\bpel\xml\util.

      4. <OracleAS_Home> \bpel\system\classes.