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      I get a JCOP41 V232 which is not fused, i do not know how to pre-personalization.I use the eclipse +JCOP TOOL Plugin,i know pre-personalization procedure :

      1 ATR
      2 SELECT command to select the ROOT applet
      3 ROOT command
      4 READ,WRITE command
      5 PROTECT command
      6 FUSE command

      when i send the SELECT command ,JCOP Shell show"<= 6A 81 Status: Function not supported", what error is this?

      please help me! i am newbie
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          You need the transport key. It's used as the AID in the SELECT command. The transport key is only available from NXP under NDA. Try working with the company or sales person that provided you the cards and see if you can get it from there. If not, you're out of luck.
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            And I do not have the manual matching with JCOP41 V2.3.2 , do I only get it form the company or sales person that provided me the cards ?