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    configuring product category and inventory product category set id


      In DAC we are shown the inventory and product category set id as $$INV_PROD_CAT_SET_ID ..... $$INV_PROD_CAT_SET_ID9 and $$PROD_CAT_SET_ID ...... $$PROD_CAT_SET_ID9. I have done setups previously where the $$INV_PROD_CAT_SET_ID and $$PROD_CAT_SET_ID has been my first category and $$INV_PROD_CAT_SET_ID9 and $$PROD_CAT_SET_ID9 has been my 10th category.

      Is this the correct way to setup the 10 out of the box supported product category?

      A colleague of mine told me that the $$PROD_CAT_SET_ID and $$INV_PROD_CAT_SET_ID is obsolete from 7.9.5 . If that is the case then where do we configure the 10th category?

      Kindly advise.


      Swakshar Kundu.