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    Session Question

      I am testing some side by side deployments and after I start the managed server that my app is on I notice the session count is 0 (expected that) and when I log into my application the session count goes to 1 (expected that as well)...however, when I log out of the app and close my browser I noticed the session count does not ever go down, even after refreshing the browser several times. Is there a timeout or something that controls the delay on that? Thanks for any info on this behavior...
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          Your session is not getting timed out even after you logoff. I think you may have to decrease the session timeout parameter in your web.xml or weblogic.xml

          There are two ways user's HTTP session timeout can be set for your web application.
          1. Web.xml
          2. Weblogic.xml

          You need to edit in the web.xml file and make it as 60 min based on your requirement. Always changed in web.xml takes precedence over weblogic.xml. If you don't set any values in web.xml, weblogic.xml takes over

          Web.xml(Timeout set in min)


          Weblogic.xml(timeout is set in seconds)

          In weblogic.xml the session timeout is set in seconds.

          Let me know if this helped you!
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            Yes,there is a timeout parameter "Session Timeout (in seconds)".
            The amount of time (in seconds) that a session can remain inactive before it is invalidated.
            default value in weblogic is 3600 sec.
            ie when you will loggin to the application the session count increases by 1.
            Now even after you log out,the count will be 1 for next 3600 secs

            The parameter can modified as
            Deployments-->ur deployment-->configuration-->session timeout

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              Thanks! So if I change it on the deployment then I would have to change it (and restart app) everytime, OR is this setting somewhere in the application code as well? The reason I ask is that I set mine from 3600 to 60 seconds and the session I created was still there after one minute (and 2 minutes,etc...)