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    Urgent!! Skillbuilders modal page


      This is urgent!

      Does anyone know how to correctly call the following modal plugin from report column link - just like what the demo shows? I was able to import the plugin into my application but was not able to make it work correctly. I created the dynamic action in the page as the following:


      Event: Click
      Selection Type: jQuery Selector
      jQuery Selector: .flash-modal

      Under True Actions:
      Action: Skillbuilders Modal Page (2.0.0) [Plug-in]
      URL Location: Statically Defined
      Static URL: f?p=&APP_ID.:1:&APP_SESSION.:::1:::
      Auto-close On Element Selector: div#success-message
      Dialog Height/Width Mode: Static by pixels

      The report column link is defined as this: (I replaced all < by ( and > by ) so that it would show the actual link)

      , '(a class="flash-modal" href="#")Open Page(/a)' end as OPEN_PAGE
      from ...


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