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    Choosing adf skinning programmatically

    raphael rodrigues - oracle
      Hey guys,

      In my ViewController project, I have several skins defined in trinidad-skins.xml.

      I have created the skins files in a separate way, and these are working fine.

      The thing is, I have to choose in a programatically way, which skin I will use for each use case, before I enter in the use case page.

      For this purpose, I have a Managed Bean with a String property. When I browse for an use-case there's a invoked method bean in my task-flow which is responsible for setting the appropriate skin.

      Everything is working fine until here. The problem is the adf fragment page (jsff) loaded after the invoked mbean method, it is showing the last choose skinning. If I refresh my web browser (F5), the skinning is refreshed.

      It seems to be that ADF task-flow is keeping the skinning in cache or something like that. Anyone could help me?