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    Is this ultra 5 a door stop?

      A few month ago I was working on a data center relocation and picked up a few things that were being discarded. One was an ultra 5 that I have finally gotten around to looking at. I figured I could find something to do with it. And I actually would like a sparc based rather than only i686 solaris box.

      Anyway. It powers up fine. But nothing shows up on the monitor; just some squiggly lines. I mean it is not even showing the eeprom stuff. Of course it could be hardware; a bad video card. I don't have a spare pci card lying about or I would try that first. However because it is from a wall street company, I have considered that it might have been wiped clean for decommission. It sounds perfectly fine. The inside of the box looks fine

      Is there anyway to tell if the eeprom has been removed or erased? And if it is how can I reinstall it, or reflash it.
      I suppose erasing the prom would be a rather extreme decommissioning procedure. But nothing would surprise me
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          I'm not particularly expert in this area ... but ...

          (1) Do you have a proper sun keyboard ... and if so watch carefully for any light blonks as it boots.

          (2) Try attaching a serial cabl (and removing the keyboard and monitor) ... the bad news is they are typically a strange pinout and it would cost you most than buying something 2nd hand that works that woulds ... eg a blade 150 .. and that might take more memory. No that blade 100/150's may be that reliable.

          Proably a doorstop, but not as good a one as an IPC Lucnhbox.
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            I do have a sun keyboard. I located a pci video card. But as I do not know how to disable the on board one, this was inaffective. I am using a very old non SUN monitor. I do have a Sun monitor, but it is not at this location. I may go get it to see if that makes a difference.

            On power up the lights on the keyboard do flash for a moment and then turn off. This seems quite normal. I do not currently have a null modem cable.
            I am not sure if I would remember what to do with it if I did.

            I guess this is still worth trying to fix if possible. I can't complain about the price. Free. And the dell poweredge 2950 I also picked up works fine.
            A bit much for a desktop though.

            Any additional suggestions are welcome

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              Here is the link to the Ultra5/Ultra10 system documentation:
              (they are the same system, just the outer shell of the chassis is different)

              Additionally, if you search the Workstation forum for keywords `defaulkt resolution`you'll get some guidance on how to manipulate your video output.

              I hope your scrounging of that data center also got you copies of older Solaris media.
              An Ultra 5 is of such a vintage that even Solaris 9 ran sluggish on it. I wouldn't dream of trying Solaris 10 on it. Solaaris 8 would be the best fit.

              Yes, it's a doorstop, but playing with it for the sake of learning would be great fun.
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                The default frequencies mean not all monitors would work with a sun.

                In general from memory a hp l1906 or similar (ideally later). will work out of the box though.

                I seem to recall the default is 1152 x 900 .... its worth checking if the monitor you are trying to use has this as one of its defaults presets. (Though maybe 1280-1024 might work accorrding to links Rukbat provided).

                Unless the PCI card you have installed is known to be a recognised sun compatible card you might be best to remove it.


                Hmmm .... i remember a sun engineer taking about 6 hours to do a HDD swap on one of these ..... though he did give us a flash at the same time. It's the same motherboard as an ultra 10 but any ram has to be a lower height.

                If all else fails a null modem cable might help.

                That said, IMHO if you are doing it for learning a second hand dell 755 ideally with a 6x50 processor and with 2GB or more allow you to practice on Solaris 11 .... possibly with less hassle, more speed and more capability.