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    How to Update table column change

    Kanaiya Sindhavad
      Dear sir

      In my Computer(A) I developed application in 10gXe. Instatlled in other computer(B) on month Jan-2012
      after that i add column , modify column in computer(A) on month of Feb,march,april-2012
      now i won't to update change of database add,modify column in computer(A) to computer(B)

      In computer(B) there is 1000 record.

      Thank you
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          Connnect computer(B). If you set up a tnsalias on computer(a) enabling a sqlnet connection, its a bit easier. But if you want a change on (b) you have to.... make the change on (b).
          $ sqlplus /nolog
          connect <username>@b
          ... password ...
          alter table <tablename> modify ( <column> <column change> );
          That assumes on (a) you have added a tnsalias for "b" in the tnsnames.ora file, the (SERVER = DEDICATED) line is optional. unless you want to ensure you don't get a shared server connection to b:
          B = 
            (DESCRIPTION =
              (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = [<b hostname>[.myco.com]]|[or b IP address])(PORT = 1521))
              (CONNECT_DATA =
                (SERVER = DEDICATED)
                (SERVICE_NAME = XE)