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    Referential Integrity Question on  ODSEE 11g?

      Hey Guys

      So we have setup two 11g servers ( and setup ref-integrity after data import and reboot server

      We had added another attribute to both the servers in ref-integrity plugin called "mgrpallowedbroadcaster"

      mgrpallowedbroadcaster: cn=BLAH,ou=BLAHBLAH

      Now when we do a ldapmodrdn for the cn=BLAH,ou=BLAHBLAH and change it to cn=BLAH2

      ref-integrity kicks in and changes the cn for other attributes like



      does not change for "mgrpallowedbroadcaster"

      Is it suppose to behave like this ?

      any fix (if needed) or behaving as it should??

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