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    Problem with Java Memory "Could not reserve enough space for object heap"

      Hi gurus,

      I am not an expert with Java´s configuration, and I have a situation that I don´t understand. First of all, I am working at Centos 6.2 with jdk_1.6 and Tomcat 7.

      The problem is...

      - If I run Tomcat with JAVA_OPTS="-Xmx128m"* (at catalina.sh) all works fine.
      - If I run Tomcat with JAVA_OPTS="-Xmx512m"* (at catalina.sh) an error appears:

      Error occurred during initialization of VM
      Could not reserve enough space for object heap
      Could not create the Java virtual machine.

      This appear when I run java -version or when I try to stop Tomcat, and the Tomcat isn´t able to stop.

      The strange thing is that my server has more than 200M free in physical memory. So, why Tomcat isn´t able to stop? and Why Java doesn´t use the free memory in my server?

      Thanks in advanced.