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    Rectification On Java

      Hello All;

      I am currently trying to overcome a problem.

      My problem is that when the points are added to an image like;

      String X[] = 0, 1, 2, 3, ...
      String Y[] = 0, 1, 2, 3, ...

      how can i convert this or apply it to the image.

      Is there a ready format that i can overcome this part in JAI.

      ömer kaya
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          I don't understand your question. Are you trying to draw points on an image? And why are your X[] and Y[] arrays of type String?
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            I am sorry for not being stright;

            What i am trying to do is that i have some control points in Real Earth Points in X, Y and Z values.

            yes they are in the type of integer, unfortunate mistake.

            what i am trying to do is that i am trying to assign all of the images pixel values to be shown as X, Y and Z coordinates.

            I do have the calibration file for the camera which is needed to be for the transformation, but i can not find if there is any ready to use function in Java Advance Image to let me directly use the transformation.

            Any help is appreciated.


            ömer kaya

            P.S. : Sorry for the late reply i was stuck at work